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Thread: Is it possible to create the tool I have in mind ?

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    Is it possible to create the tool I have in mind ?

    Hello everyone. I'm fairly used to Artrage, but I almost never got into creating brushes and sutch... so I'm not even sure that what I have in mind is realisable.

    I'd like to modify one of the tools, maybe the "sticker bomb" tool, or the other one, maybe named "speck" or "glitter" ( I have the french version, it's named "paillettes" ), for them to drop randomly little images I drawn.
    For example, let's say I draw ten little shapes, of little size, maybe 100x100 pix, save them independently in a file, and then use one of the tool, like the "glitter" one, to drop these images in a random fashion.

    is this or something alike doable ?

    Thanks by advance Ragers ( ) )
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    That is exactly what the sticker spray is for!

    See this tutorial for help setting up your sticker (you need to import all the images as a single image, but spaced out evenly so ArtRage can divide the image up into the random bits you want for the spray)

    And once you've created it, here's how to turn it into a spray:

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    Ah that's excellent news ! I Thank you for the info and links !
    I think that is going to truly save me, as I'm looking for ways to make maps faster for my game, while still using the same style that takes so long
    Most of my stuff is hosted there :

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    Well, I've got to say, this is a great tool, honestly.
    I just made a really decent background, in 2 minutes... something that would have taken me dozens of hours, having the bad habit to put details everywhere...
    Already adopted the thing ! I'm going to create so many stickers sheets
    Thanks again Hannah.
    Most of my stuff is hosted there :

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    Wonderful, that's great to hear!

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