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Thread: Artrage 5

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    Artrage 5

    Will there be an upgrade price for users who have been loyal to Artrage for years?
    Also is there any estimate when ver 5 will be coming?

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    I guess half an answer is better than none.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edward Ingram View Post
    I guess half an answer is better than none.
    As quoted from the linked page:

    The estimated release period:

    "ArtRage 5 is due in January 2017 and ArtRage 4 will be on sale until ArtRage 5 is released."

    Discounts for long time users:

    "If you’re a long time user, you know that we always offer upgrade discounts, and that isn’t changing. Existing ArtRage users can upgrade from any previous desktop version of ArtRage, including ArtRage 2 and ArtRage Lite.

    ArtRage 2, 3 (Studio and Studio Pro) and 4 users can upgrade to ArtRage 5 at a 50% discount ($39.50 off)"
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    Hello Edward,
    From Hannah’s post here:
    “We are officially announcing ArtRage 5! And for the first time ever, we're announcing in advance We did plan on releasing before Christmas, but our inconvenient policy of 'not releasing unfinished software' got in the way of that, so the estimated release date is mid-late January.”
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