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Thread: Buddha 3000 - Finished

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    Buddha 3000 - Finished


    This is going to be my second submission to the Artrage 5 contest. I'm pleased with how it turned out. I mostly used the oil brush, which I was always skeptical of previously. I found that if you 'give in' to the lack of control and focus on intent rather than detail, it works very well. Also, it helps to play with the amount of thinner and loading depending on what you want to achieve. Sometimes it helps to glob paint onto your 'brush'.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I like this a modern interpretation of a classic image!... nicely done

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    I agree with previous post:
    Modern image of an clasical image...
    Good work!
    Regards from Chile
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    Thank you for the comments!

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    It's really telescoping in time the Asian consciousness theme between pop and traditional. Also poses the question about artificial intelligence merging with the biological. Forward looking, backward looking, and present tense as well. Certainly an evocative image.

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    Borg meets Buddha... This is an interesting blend of future science and ancient philosophy.

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