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Thread: ArtRage as a gift

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    Lightbulb ArtRage as a gift

    I am an owner and user of ArtRage 4.5 but I would like to purchase ArtRage as a gift for my son. Is it possible to purchase a boxed copy of ArtRage 4? Or some other way to give it as a gift? Gift certificate?


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    ArtRage is a digital download only, and we don't currently have a way to directly gift it, but all you need to do is give him the serial number and the file for ArtRage, or a way to download it.

    So you can:

    - save the file and serial to a USB or CD
    - forward the purchase email (or put his email in, but forwarding it lets you edit the price out, send it at the right time, or make sure it actually worked!)
    - give him the serial and instructions on using the member area

    Whichever works best for you!

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