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Thread: ArtRage 5 & Upgrades

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    ArtRage 5 & Upgrades

    Hey guys! Seeing as ArtRage 5 has now been announced, I thought I should drop in and remind you all about our upgrade policy. As long term users probably know very well, we offer an upgrade discount to the latest edition from all earlier editions.

    For ArtRage 5, all current owners of ArtRage 2, 3 and 4 will get a 50% discount. ArtRage Lite users will get a 30% discount (because it costs a lot less; the discount is about the same as the actual value of the current discount). As usual, your discount coupons will be available when you register your serial numbers in the member area, and ArtRage Lite users can upgrade via the Help menu in the software as well.

    If you don't currently own ArtRage and you buy either Lite or ArtRage 4 in the sale, then you will be able to use the upgrade discount from ArtRage 4 later, and the total price you pay will be less than the full price of ArtRage 5. This is to avoid anyone being penalised by buying ArtRage 4 at the last minute, and to allow us to reward our current users

    If you have any questions, check the Upgrades page or ask away!

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    Artrage 5 for STEAM users

    GRAND! Can't wait to use Artrage 5!
    Will the upgrade discount also be available for Artrage 4.5 on STEAM? I bought my version just the past month so it would be a little expensive to buy another full price software when it releases.
    And I am enjoying a lot Artrage!


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    We intend to offer the upgrade discount directly to Steam users to use on our store

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