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Thread: alternative to right-clicking to get into stencil guide mode - SURFACE BOOK PEN

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    alternative to right-clicking to get into stencil guide mode - SURFACE BOOK PEN

    Hello! I am into a bit of a problem, and hopefully it is just a simple solution:

    I would like to find an alternative to switching to guide mode on my stencils rather than using right-click. I am using a microsoft Surface Book and only have two usb ports. One port is connected to my exterior hard drive and the other is connected to another keyboard while I am in tablet mode (it was connected to my Wacom Key Express dongle, but it has flaked out on me). So there is no room for a mouse dongle, which I was using for right-click functions). My right-click function doesn't seem to work with the Surface Book pen, I will have to pose the question in the tablets section to see if anyone knows about that. UPDATE: I can't see a place to post questions for using tablets -please direct me if there is this forum option.

    I could not see where I could set a keyboard shortcut or even force Artrage to default to guide mode instead of stencil mode. Any ideas??
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    How to right-click with Surface Pen to change stencil to guide mode

    Good grief! OK, I messed with the pen this morning and figured it out.

    I haven't really used stencils extensively until the last half year. I will offer the tip that may prevent some hair pulling: you have to have a painting/drawing tool selected and then right-click on the stencil (or anywhere on canvas) while that tool is engaged if wishing to change from the default stencil mode over to guide mode. You would think you would have to have the stencil selected to perform a change to it, but not so. I would REALLY love to change the default stencil mode to stick to GUIDE mode... anyone having a solution to that would be like Christmas (or a keyboard shortcut to bring up guide mode)!

    Now on to right-clicking with Surface Pen: Press down on the slim/shallow bar on the side of the pen that serves as a button and HOLD while inches above the screen. While still holding the button, give a good "pressing tap" to the screen, it can be on the stencil or another part of the canvas....and Voila!... the right-click menu comes up! It may take you a few tries to get the sweet spot.

    BONUS: If you right-click on the stencil and press the pen-tip to the stencil without releasing, you can move the stencil around!! (debating how many exclamation points to add here, three may be overkill).

    I cannot say enough how much I enjoy using ArtRage
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