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Thread: "Press and hold for right-clicking" bug

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    Post "Press and hold for right-clicking" bug

    Issue: When disabling "press and hold for right-clicking" in Windows's "Pen and Touch" Control Panel settings, ArtRage dialogues (for example, Canvas Positioner, Layer panel, open file dialogue, and so on) do not respond properly to pen clicks. The dialogues respond to mouse clicks. When "press and hold for right-clicking" is enabled, the dialogues respond to pen clicks properly. Inking is unaffected.
    Reproducible: always
    Workaround: enable "press and hold for right-cliking"
    Hardware: Wacom Feel IT digitizer and Wacom Bamboo Feel pen (and other Wacom Feel EMR pens)
    Software: Windows 10 1607 14393.447, ArtRage 4.5.10 64 bit

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    Yup, this is a known problem with the press and hold setting - it's not something we can fix inside ArtRage, it just causes horrible problems that are a pain to track down the source of.

    We've got a FAQ here:

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