Hello guys!

I recently bought Artrage, and I am very amazed with what it can do. But I wanted to know if I can increse or decrease the bump effect (maybe it's scale) of the strokes. Is it possible? I know I can turn it off with F5, but that is not what I want. The thing is, when I draw with small canvas, I can really see the bump effect. But if I use big canvases, it is harder to see the same effect. Maybe this is related to Artrage engine itself, I don't know. But if there was a way around it, I would be very glad to know.

In the images below, the one with bump effect more visible is 1920x1080 px, and the other is ~7500x8000 px. I know that if I zoom in I can see this bump effect, but I would like to control this. To see the bump in larger canvases too.
Sorry for my english! And thanks a lot in advance!

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