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Thread: Save Dialog - Not able to paste from Clipboard

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    Unhappy Save Dialog - Not able to paste from Clipboard

    2016 Oktober

    Hello all

    After having updated to Sierra and freshly installed the latest ArtRage Version I have bought, one thing in particular is driving me bonkers and I have not found anything about it online or her after searching furiously for 20 min. Gotta get back to work.

    I can not paste or expand ANY text in the save File Dialog. Have not been in the last version either. I just thought it was an old bug in the last OSX. But now I have the same problem. I want to save a new file, I have expanding texts with aText or Textexpander so quickly name my files, I create A LOT of files for my clients.

    NOTHING can pasted from the Clipboard to the ANY File saving Dialog and it keeps losing track of where I worked before. Is this still a Work in Progress after all this years or something SmithM is just treating like: "meh. Thatīll do" ???

    I really like the software but this is really really annoying for me. Any tips for this kind of problem? I ll really appreciate it.

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    At first glance, this doesn't sound like an ArtRage issue; the save file bit (where you choose the location and name the file, yes?) is mostly an operating system thing, not a software specific one. However, I could be wrong ;P

    Step 1 is to figure out exactly where the problem lies, which will tell us if we can actually help or not.

    - does this happen with other programs?
    - does it matter where you're saving to? (e.g. if you switch to the desktop)
    - does copy/paste work again if you disable your TextExpander program?

    Also, you say you have the latest edition, which would be ArtRage 4, but Smith Micro hasn't distributed ArtRage for years and never sold ArtRage 4, so can you just confirm what version you're using? If it's NOT ArtRage 4 (latest version 4.5.10), download the demo and see if it behaves any differently:

    Also exactly which OSX version are you using?

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