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    Hello, I am new here just today, and I did an impulsive thing today and pleasantly to my surprise it has been wonderful. a little on my history... When I was in the fifth grade we were asked to find a picture that we liked and bring it to school so that we could set a pattern to learn how to use embroidery thread or yarn into burlap and make art. I really like the snoopy comics when I was young, and i loved the red baron. So I went to the Sunday comics and on a standard piece of paper I drew the comic to scale freehand. when I took it to school, I was accused of copying or tracing. In the seventies, we didn't have computers or projectors in the home, not even for artists. At that time I didn't Worry about what people thought, I just did what came naturally. What I learned from that point is irreplaceable. By the time I was 11 I mastered the pencil. I found that I didn't like being able to erase, to me erasing wasn't instinct but rather error. The same occurred in painting, thinner could dilute dry paint so it could be replaced by better color or form. to me intent was more pure than anything, I learned how to draw with a ball point pen like people draw with a pencil. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	91072 This is ball point pen and oil pastel.

    I have been trying to get Photoshop to do the same thinking that I have for a long time. It is perceived as a photo editor not a creation program. yes the tools and brushes are plenty, but not a creation tool. It was not until I purposed to compare Photoshop Vs Corel painter that i learned about Artrage. To me this was almost an oxymoron but could reason because i have been impatient with how Photoshop deals with color and texture. And how complex they make gradient, and context layers. An Artist needs to define it's position to make art. the artist needs to find tools to be intuitive, elementary conductive to create. whether it is through feeling or experience or perception.

    I sent a message to support to ask if I could manipulate the canvas to accommodate for my tablet use, what I found was amazing, Thank you! And I am sorry I didn't try before i asked. Through the eighties I learned not to try before I buy. Sorry.

    What I found with this program is the most intuitive and adaptable program I have ever used and yes I while i refined my own vision through pen, I really like learning new things. This is the best I have yet to see from coming from creatives. Thank you very much.

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    Welcome! Yes, the program can provide us with realistic media look using a fairly straight forward interface. Yet it's also surprisingly deep.
    Glad you found it.

    Love your drawing.

    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    If you like exploring possibilities, Art Rage will more than satisfy curiosity. It is complex, but at the same time simple. One of the few programs that you can start creating with right out of the box. Hope you are ready to spend a lot of time with Art Rage because when you get started, before you know it, you will have spent a whole lot more time having fun then you had anticipated.

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    Thank you for the complements and Welcome to ArtRage. Have fun and enjoy your exploring and creating.
    Love one another.-Jesus

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