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Thread: Tool size % - how to disable this box popup?

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    Tool size % - how to disable this box popup?

    I hope this makes sense, there is a popup called "Tool Size %" that pops up where you can directly edit the tool size. Is there a way to disable this? Thank you!

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    That only 'pops up' if you click on the size indicator in the tool pallet. Avoid clicking if you are dragging your stylus to change brush size. You can change brush size by holding down Shift (Windows) and dragging your stylus on your canvas. No way to disable I don't think - just avoid clicking on the indicator.

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    Thanks, Enug. That is exactly what I am doing, trying to adjust the size with my pen while dragging. That darn box is popping up all the time. I will give your suggestion a try - thanks!

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