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Thread: Wacom introduces MobileStudio Pro line

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    Lightbulb Wacom introduces MobileStudio Pro line

    NEW YORK –Wacom has introduced Wacom MobileStudio Pro, a new line of lightweight, powerful mobile computers with Wacom’s new pen technology.

    MobileStudio Pro features the newly-designed Wacom Pro Pen 2, with 4x higher pen accuracy and pressure sensitivity than the company’s previous professional pen, enhanced resolution, leading-edge graphics, excellent color performance, 3D camera and other innovations...

    more info:

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    Thanks for sharing. Will need to read up on this.
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    Interesting. Thanks for the heads up.

    Curious for the inevitable YouTube video comparisons between this and the Apple Pencil/iPad Pro combination. Pencil/large iPad Pro is still cheaper than the starting price mentioned ($1500) for a comparable-size device, will need to see how good the stylus is in comparison to the Apple Pencil.

    Right now there isn't an iPad Pro size to compare to the largest size of these new Wacom mobile tablet computers, so Wacom has a leg up there, but otherwise I believe the graphics capabilities are still equal to that of an iPad Pro (4K resolution in particular).

    Really, Wacom has had to scramble ever since the Pencil came along, and to be honest I feel like the graphics tablets haven't improved much between Intuos3 and Intuos5/Pro. The biggest point was from 1024 pressure levels for the Intuos3 to 2048 pressure levels for Intuos 4 and later. (As well as increased nib wear by like 300% or something due to the surface of the cheaper, later Intuos models. Don't know if the Pro models use a smoother surface to avoid that.)

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