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Thread: Sketchbook pro with art rage

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    Sketchbook pro with art rage

    Hi - wondering if people have tried to use both these softwares to create say a water colour rendering using the layers from sketchbook pro. REason I ask is sketchbook has strong perspective drawing tools for architectual rendering.


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    I am using the trial period of
    sketchbook Pro now. I put it on my phone and tablet along with my computers. I have seen the tools and they look great if I can learn how to use them.
    Maybe ArtRage will introduce them soon.
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    Recently I was in the process of looking for the app and have tried out a few. Was actually thinking of getting Sketchbook until I found out that it's subscription based. ArtRage Lite that came with my tablet seems laggy and I didn't know what AR5 would be like since no demo is out yet. Took a risk and upgraded to AR5 and now I'm loving it. I have seen Sketchbook Pro in action and the only thing that I'm jealous about it is its perspective feature. I know that AR is a painting program and the perspective grid that comes with it is good for that, but for those like myself who are more into concept and quick sketches, the perspective in Sketchbook is a lot better for that. In Sketchbook, the ruler is a very thin line that you can move around easily and quickly...

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    Doesn't Nick Harris use both of these tools? He is a very talented artist who often does tutorials for ImagineFX magazine...

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