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Thread: Is there something I'm missing with the Canvas Color picking?

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    Sorry, didn't have a chance to work on this issue until now.

    Reading and following HannahRage 09-25-2016 post....

    My Wintab was on, and Precise Tablet was off, but my Use Realtime Stylus was on...turning that off. (this did not work, so am reversing...

    Turning off Wintab and ON RealTime Stylus...then restarting and testing. Nothing

    So went to Control Panel > Pen and Touch> was Enabled, so disabling it.

    None of these have changed the situation. I've restarted my whole system and run through the above, with no success. First with the mouse, then with the wacom tablet and pen.

    on a slight rabbit trail, or maybe not....if this is a device driver issue;
    I also found that the wacom tablet Properties, also had an Enable touch input, which was one, and I tested things with it off. (Don't know if that was similar to the Control Panel settings you had me trying, but I thought I'd see if it effected anything, and the only thing it did was make the Wacom Pen more sluggish, and I also noticed that when I use my Wacom Pen to access the Canvas Color Picker it changes the picker to a Tine and Toner picker without a pop-up window around give access to the menu options...and my pen could NOT change colors from that picker. I had to use my mouse to gain access to a Canvas Color Picker that would work, and when I did the mouse automatically switched the picker back to my default of LS/H Picker. When I choose the Canvas Color Picker with Mouse and used the pop-up menu to changed to the Tint/Toner picker it comes up with a window around it allowing for access to the menu to select whatever Color Picker format you desire.

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    Okay, if you want to be REALLY sure about whether this is your drivers/some other software messing with things, start the computer in Safe Mode. This will disable any extra software, including the drivers, and give you a clear picture of what your computer and ArtRage are actually doing behind all the other stuff.

    You can also continue this by emailing us at [email protected]

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