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Thread: animal hair brushes

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    animal hair brushes

    I've searched for hair brushes for short haired dogs, long haired dogs, etc but am having no luck.
    I've tried to make some with .png images that I have cut from images. but not much luck there, either.
    Maybe just guide me into the right place to look.
    I've tried searching the web for custom Photoshop brushes. There are a lot out there, but don't know how to get them into Artrage.
    (not just limited to dogs but other animals as well)

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    Hello Edward
    Forgive the obvious first question but have you tried the Sticker Spray tool's Hair + Fur brushes that come with AR?
    Whilst it’s possible that none of their default setting are quite what you are looking for they can all be tweaked and adjusted in the Sticker Spray’s ‘Tool Settings’ & ‘Spray Variations’ panels and saved out as new brushes when you find setting you like.

    As for third party Photoshop brushes, yes there are a lot to be found out there. Artist and animator Arron Blais has some excellent (imho) Hair & Fur Photoshop brushes to buy on his website.
    But be warned however, when importing PS brushes into AR all you get is the brush head image used by the brush. None of the original brushes settings will be imported.
    So you will have to spend quite some time maybe reconstructing how they should work and it’s not always possible to get things working exactly as they would in Photoshop. Whilst similar, the brush engines in Photoshop and ArtRage are different.

    As to how to import PS brushes into AR, user "someonesane" made this video on the steps to import them here:
    Hope this is of help.
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