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Thread: Introductory post for Camomilla :)

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    Introductory post for Camomilla :)

    Hi Artrage community I've been using Artrage for Android (both on my galaxy note tablet and galaxy note phone) for a while, but have just recently purchased the full desktop version I'm hoping to familiarize myself with the software to the extent that using it feels natural. Up until now I've only used Photoshop on my computer.

    I'm 44, live in Norway (so any spelling or grammar mistakes will be blamed on the fact that English is not my spoken language ), I work full time as a graphic designer, and have this past year become more invested in making art again. I'm hoping to reach a level where I can do personal work I'm proud of, and maybe the odd commission from time to time. I'm looking forward to spending some time here to soak up the knowledge that I'm sure is everywhere in this forum, and getting to know other artist

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    You will be amazed at what you can accomplish with Art Rage. PhotoShop is interesting, but for myself it is too complex. Art Rage to a large extent is almost instinctive. Simply by experimenting you will discover what can be done. There is a fine instruction manual, but with Art Rage, you can simply start playing and experiencing the results. In the long run, just have fun!

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