Hey everyone,
I'm a high school art teacher, and we just got ArtRage on new iPros. We have the full app version. Though I've only played with ArtRage a bit, I've been teaching computer graphics for 15 years.

One of my students is getting a weird glitch that looks like water spots on her painting. You can barely see them on the white canvas, but they don't fill with paint when you go over them, leaving a splotchy, white circle. It looks like somebody dripped white wax on paper, then tried to paint over it with watercolor paper.

- We eliminated down to one layer, to see if it was on another layer.
- You can't erase them.
- I tried creating a new layer, and set the 'Bump' to replace, hoping to paint over them with the oil paint brush. No can do.
-Reloaded and restarted the program to see if they were a graphics glitch, but they're still there.
-The bumps resize when you zoom in to match the rest of the painting.

The only other thing I can think of that it might be would be a canvas texture, but the bumps are very intermittent, and exactly the same size, so that seems wrong.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.