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    Smile Welcome greeting

    Artragers Hi I'm new around here , recently bought Artrage 4 and I am translating the manual into Spanish to completely manage the program. I do not speak English so I use a translator , so I apologize for the lack of grammar you might have my post . I'm from Venezuela and recently I started to draw attention digital art and watching and watching di with Artrage is wonderful , I am an artist from a young age , I made years ago a course in oil painting that I inherited my knowledge of drawing and painting, not study art at a university, little is what I have learned reading and watching tutorials on Youtube. I would like to know how to download brushes and presets to further customize my ArtRage. Another problem is where locate an post in Spanish ?, when finished translating the manual into Spanish as I do to share with anyone what ?

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    Welcome to the forum
    here some help in spanish language

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    You can also find more Spanish language tutorials here:
    and there

    I'm not quite sure from your question: are you asking where you can post the translated version of the manual once you have finished? If you wanted to share, you could make a post in the forums with a download link to the file.

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