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Thread: Trying to export images but get "noise" where it should be transparent?

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    Trying to export images but get "noise" where it should be transparent?

    Hi there!

    I've just started using ArtRage Lite, which I got as a free download with my purchase of a Wacom Intuos Creative Pen Tablet. Its on my Windows 10 laptop.

    I've managed to create some simple images so far which i did with the "cell" special paper type as I only wanted a simple graphic on a transparent background. It looks just as I want within the ArtRage software (with the white/grey checked background) however when I try to export to a JPG, GIF etc. the resulting images all seem to have noise in the background - like bands of speckled shading - which weren't there in ArtRage.

    I've tried filling the empty spaces with white but it still does the same?

    I'm literally just trying to create a simple black image. Here is an example:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Please can anyone suggest what the problem is and how I get a nice, crisp black image with transparent background exported?

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    Have you tried exporting in .png format?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enug View Post
    Have you tried exporting in .png format?

    No I hadn't tried PNG (I've not heard of it before) - but thanks to your advice, I have just tried it and it worked a treat!!

    Thanks so much

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    Yup, JPEG files won't support transparency, so you just get whatever the normal canvas would look like. Only PNG and PSD will let you keep the transparent background, so use PNG for most things like that.

    The 'bands' are from the canvas lighting (they're not really visible on my screen, you might want to check your monitor settings if they're very obvious to you), and the 'speckles' are from the canvas texture. You can disable both of these in the Canvas Settings in most editions of ArtRage (set canvas roughness to 0%).

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