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Thread: I lost my best work........Jack.

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    I lost my best work........Jack.

    I did what I thought was my best ever painting yesterday, a large one 2048 x 1536 pixel ,loads of fine detail and it took nearly all day, it was in png because I wanted it to be good definition,but when I reduced it, it was still tooooooo big to post,so I thought I would change it from PNG to J-peg,so when I went to change it and it asked if I wanted to save it, yes or no, I thought no I want to save it in J-peg so I clicked no......GONE of course....couldnt get it back.... there is no way of un-doing, as there is with every other function in Artrage.........SO!!!
    Dear Andy.........Could we have work that is not to be saved directed to the rubbish bin as a safety precaution against things like this happening by mistake, or even if its done on purpose and later thought about and recovered again for what ever reason, even if we just change our mind.... at least it would be re-coverable if it was in the rubbish bin.... The way it is at present its GONE..... FINITO, Irretrievable........Jack..
    Some of my artwork can be seen at the above link.......Jack.

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    The best defence against losing work like that is making backups - saving periodically under a different name.
    Keep you work saved as an ArtRage project file (*.ptg) at full resolution as you work, and then reduce the size and export as a jpg or png under a different name.

    File import and export is one of the areas we have on our 'to do' list to clean up and make easier to use.
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    I hate when that happens! :evil: But isn't your original .png file still there?
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