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Thread: rastor png versus vector png

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    rastor png versus vector png


    Please tell me if I am missing something, two approaches here (final goal of having transparent background in png format):

    I had scanned hand-drawn line art (jpg) and imported into Inkscape (a vector program), selected the image, applied both the technique of Inkscape's tracing the image tool and applying transparency tool (light eraser). Then exported as PNG, but when printed, both gave unacceptable jagged edges (I had experimented with settings, maybe I am missing something).

    Then I imported the same image into ArtRage (a rastor program) on its own layer, hand-traced over top using my digital tablet and pen, exported as png. Result: nice crisp image with transparency when printing on my home printer. The ArtRage route was definitely more pleasing.

    I had read that vector was supposed to be the best approach for crispest lines in printing. I am sure if I had imported the image into a layer and traced using my tablet in Inkscape instead of allowing the program to auto-trace it, it would have been just as good, but Art Rage's pen tool is so much more artistic/intuitive than inkscape. This may be an utterly stupid question, but is there a difference of quality between a rastor program PNG versus a vector program PNG?

    The final product will be NOT a coloring book, but some line artwork for a journal, but you can think of it as the same approach.

    Hoping someone out there has tripped across this path before! Thank you for your time.

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    Hello Reunite and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    I should say that itís been a very long time since I last used Inkscape but I suspect it was a problem in your document setup and/or export settings. As I say itís been a long time and me and that app were never good friends!
    But in principle there is no difference in a .png file exported from a rastor app or one from a vector app.

    If AR is giving you the results you need and like then go with it.

    Rastor v Vector printing, (in very broad terms without going into it in depth!)
    Know your print size in advance and setup your canvas accordingly to give you the best results. Upscaling a rastor image later can be problematic at best in maintaining quality.
    Your canvas size is not important and could be printed out at any size you want with razor sharp edges by;
    1: resizing the vector painting to match the print size before exporting and/or setting the corect export options for a non vector, rastor image type like .png.
    2: exporting as a vector file type e.g. .svg and telling the printer how big to print it.
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    Markw -

    That is really good information -thank you! I have used CorelDraw (vector) in the past and have always found that easy.

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