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Thread: I want to be FAMOUS

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    I want to be FAMOUS

    hello friends) I'm an aspiring artist) my name is Alex I am 19 years old and I live in Russia ) It all started with the games. Always wanted to get into the gaming industry .
    I wish to share pictures , and listen to your opinion .


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    Looks cool

    I really like your first one image where we're behind the wheel of the car. I have two ideas you could try that I think you might get interesting results from.

    1. Try to use the light like a volume, as if it were a 3 dimensional object. So put shafts of light coming through the various layers of your paintings. (for example a shaft of light coming through the front windshield of the car an on the hand/Interior.
    Also, lighten and reduce the saturation of your background planes. (especially in your second image). This will add "atmospheric perspective" and add depth.

    2. Your images are epic, but everything is epic these days. Put some character or personality into your images to give them a soul.
    Example: put vladimir putin in one of your paintings. Or a family eating a beautiful dinner (with some epic thing happening out the background window).

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