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Thread: Comparisons

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    Hello everybody

    I am not new to ArtRage but I am new here. I have been using ArtRage on my ipad for a few years and have recently been fortunate enough to invest in a laptop 2-in-1. I'm keen to get going with ArtRage on this laptop and have downloaded the trial version of ArtRage Touch, which seems very nice.

    However, I would like some advice on the differences between ArtRage Touch, ArtRage Lite and the full, desktop version of ArtRage?

    For example, one of the limitations I've found with Touch is I can't rotate my picture. I also can't seem to find out how to save my picture without going to Gallery.

    I seriously love ArtRage. It is the best drawing app I've ever used. As my laptop is running windows 10 and has the ability to be transformed into a tablet I would love to get the full, desktop version.

    Many thanks in advance for any contributions


    UPDATE: I have just discovered how to rotate and save haha! Would still love to hear some comparisons though.
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    hello there welcome to the forum..,and for ye ? have a look inhere?

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    Hi there! Basically, Touch is a mobile app, like the iPad app - it was originally designed for the Windows 8 metro interface, which is obsolete with Windows 10 (as you can actually install desktop programs now).

    It won't offer anything different from the iPad app, which makes it easy to jump into, but if you want to do more... then you should go take a hard look at the desktop software, which isn't limited by mobile operating system rules and device hardware restrictions and has at least twice as many things hidden in it, as well as unlimited canvas sizes.
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    Get the latest desktop version - well worth it and very reasonably priced for what it can do. Good luck!

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    Thank you!

    Thank you everyone, your advice has been really helpful.

    I have just purchased the desktop version and can't wait to play.

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    You have only just begun. Art Rage is an adventure, for sure.

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