Hi everyone. I was able to get this far during my one hour lunch. hehe Yup. I had to work today (Sunday). The reference photo is my own. I hope to maybe at least start on the fur details today or tomorrow. I'm also a little weird due to I like doing backgrounds after the main object.

I've never had problems doing sketches/drawings in ArtRage (normally use pencil, dry chalk, or soft marker) but have been doing general studies recently to get better at rending colors using the oil feature. I found even more delight by using a rougher canvas (essential canvas) as well as not having the layer color white/off white. I just found a series of videos from my new bff aka someonesane @ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...Hw0fvMcNz2Cds- and I already see improvement.

I could never get any paintings to look right for some reason using the paint tube, paint roller, or oil brush.

Now I just:

  • Sketch on separate layer
  • Have a layer under it for coloring
  • I use the glitter tube using circles instead of squares (haven't figured out the setting to add variation to the colors but I know how to adjust the size of the bubbles/tool itself though)
  • Smudge the heck out of everything using either the wet blender (or pastel blunt tool from art supplies forum)
  • For

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ID:	90442 smaller areas/details (depending on my mood), I've learned to use the felt pen (toggle back and fourth from soft marker to blending markers). Don't forget to have the art pen thingy clicked so you can use lighter colors/white.

Hopefully it was okay to chatter on so much. If not, I'm sorry admins! I was just so excited. \(^.^)/