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Thread: Still at it

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    Still at it

    When using the select tool my cursor will stop/freeze and the only way to move it is to release/take my finger off the touch pad and try to continue. The problem is, select jumps to the start in a straight line right across my image,very annoying :roll eyes:I solved this using the add feature, I think my 6yr old mac book is having memory problems.
    Where does the saved image go? and how do I get there?
    I also notice,for me at least, that the eye dropper tool to copy colours does not duplicate the same intensity as the color I choose,need to work on that, I am clicking several times in order to get what I want.
    It would seem that I spend as much if not more time looking up things in the manual as I do trying develop AR skills Still having fun and am looking forward to a finished painting that I like enough to print

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    That does sound like memory issues!

    Saved images go to your Documents folder (unless you changed while saving). If you're not sure, go to File > Save As and look at the file names for the folder that opens.

    The color picker is affected by canvas lighting (highlights and shadows). If you open Settings while you have the tool selected, you can toggle this on and off. This will affect the alt+ left click color picking as well.

    Glad to hear you're reading the manual

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