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Thread: How to do fine cross hatching?

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    How to do fine cross hatching?

    I am new digital sketching. I'm finding it difficult to do fine crossing hatch with short, rapid strokes of pencil or pen. Is this just a hardware or software limitation, or can it the problem be fixed by adjusting settings?

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    Hello there DanC. If you go to the art supplies forum there are many free to use (user provider) files that may have something that you are looking for. I'm able to do realistic cross hatching using the pencil and even the marker/ink feature (with short or long strokes). If you're using a tablet, you may just need to practice with it and adjust your tablet settings. You can also alter your settings for the drawing/painting tool in ArtRage as well. It just takes time to build up the values doing that way. If I'm not making any sense please let me know. I was able to find two youtube videos that may help. and I hope that you have a great day.

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    Also remember that to get a finer line you may need to increase your resolution DPI/PPI The higher the resolution the finer your lines can be.

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    What problem are you having? If you can't get the pen/pencil to crosshatch properly, it might just be an issue of tweaking the settings.

    If you're just having trouble drawing crosshatching in general/find it tedious, there are a number of custom brushes out there, as mentioned above. There are also two default sticker spray brushes for this in ArtRage 3/4 - go to Art Brushes and browse to the Crosshatch presets.

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