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Thread: Kagi closed at July 31, 2016

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    Kagi closed at July 31, 2016

    I just read that Kagi closed and I wonder how payments for Artrage are handled now?

    People who use Kagi's backup service for serial numbers etc. should make some backups
    as they can not use the Kagi services anymore it their harddisk crashes.

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    Very good to know. Thanks for the heads-up. And that's a good question.

    As to retrieving serial numbers, they probably have a way of retrieval here with the right info. But I wouldn't know that specifically.
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    We switched to a while back and have backups of the Kagi purchase history (we can search for your purchases by email and postal address, if you ever need help finding your serial again and haven't remembered to register in the member area ;D )

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    Just a quick additional note: We've been contacted by Kagi and will be talking to them about getting the full database of serials that were provided to customers who purchased via them as there were a few purchase records that never reached us.

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