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Thread: ArtRage 4 and ArtRage Lite

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    ArtRage 4 and ArtRage Lite

    Hello all,
    I am just getting started in digital art, well really I am just getting started in art. I had a question or two before I settled on picking up ArtRage. This has probably been asked before, so I am sorry in advance. I already looked at ArtRage's comparison page and I can't make heads of tails of it
    While I would like to get ArtRage 4 I am having a hard time justifying the purchase with my wife as she assumes that art is just a "fad idea" I am having and perhaps the beginning of my midlife crisis. I am pretty sure I can swing for ArtRage Lite but I am wondering what the differences are between the two. Will I be able to download and use the custom paint sets I see on DeviantArt? Is there a downside to starting with Lite, is there a glaring feature I will be missing out on?

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    Well, the good news is that you can upgrade from Lite to 4 later for almost the same total price (there's a... $5 difference, which mostly goes towards transaction costs).

    There's a full list of differences here: - take a look through, test out some of the features in the demo and decide if you care about them right now, or don't mind waiting to get them later.

    Basically, it's completely usable as is, it's just a bit more streamlined/basic, with a lot of more simplified options, and without most of the more advanced 'professional' stuff that you don't need to know about just to paint, but would need for more serious digital art.

    You can import custom resources into Lite, and for the first time user, most of it will seem the same as ArtRage 4. What you'll miss out on are:

    - extra tool settings (e.g. ink pen opacity) that aren't necessarily *advanced*, but might be overwhelming for a first user
    - advanced features like layer blend modes, layer editing, custom sticker spray creation, PSD export
    - some extra features like symmetry, real color blending, Scraps, Views, Grids, layer color editing...

    And if your wife has doubts about your mental integrity, all the more reason to pick up ArtRage! There's quite a bit of research out there now showing that creating art helps protect the mind against the ravages of age

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