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Thread: Can someone please help??

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    Can someone please help??

    My pen just randomly stopped working, my cursor on my laptop is moving around and i can click on different tools but if I try to use them withtin Artrage nothing happens! I even just got done updating my Artrage 4. I'm using a drawing intous wacom tablet on windows. Please help I was actually getting work done and now nothing! Thank in advance!!

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    If it's working outside of ArtRage, it's probably just a drivers issue.

    Open ArtRage and go to Edit > ArtRage Preferences > Input Device

    Make sure you only have *one* of RealTime Stylus and Wintab ticked (both should work usually, but you only need one and the other one might be causing problems).
    If you do just have one, swap to the other one.

    Then restart and see what happens.

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