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Thread: First ArtRage Work

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    First ArtRage Work

    Hello All, I'm new here (and with ArtRage). I recently acquired an HP EliteBook 2760p, and after trying the ArtRage Demo on it, I purchased the full version.

    Here is my first attempt at making a "painting" with it. It is from a photo I took the other day of a nice sunset. I used the photo as a reference, and as a Tracing Image. In the beginning I left the Tracing Image somewhat visible and used the Automatically Choose Colors from Tracing Image to gather many of the photo's colors. I then made the Tracing Image invisible, turned off the auto color option, and used just the Color Sampler, Oil Brush, Palette Knife, and Felt Pen (towards the end for twigs and such) to loosely replicate the photo.

    I'm pretty amazed at how quickly I was able to develop this work, and using so few features in ArtRage (two layers and a just a few tools); looking forward to learning all the ins and outs of this very versatile program.

    Any comments will be greatly appreciated.Name:  685654 my first sky ( FINAL ) (800).jpg
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    I would have to say that you are well on your way in what you will accomplish with ArtRage. Experiment with the different tools. You may be pleasantly amazed at what you find. It is good to go over the manual, but it is good to check out what others have done with ArtRage. And above all, have fun!

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    This is wonderful! Just shows you don't need all those custom brushes to produce a lovely painting. (I have far too many brushes!)

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    Thank you both for the kind words.

    Bobbi, I've been working my way thru the manual, and the galleries here, as well the many videos online. It's almost all too overwhelming (but in a fun way). Not sure where I'm heading within this digital realm, but if nothing else it should be a pleasant alternative when I'm not not up to perhaps "wasting" conventional art supplies, or dealing will clean-up, just to get in some experimentation and practice.

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