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Thread: Variable Unloading Rate for Oils

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    Variable Unloading Rate for Oils


    I'd like to see a control for how "quickly" loaded oil paint gets unloaded during a stroke.

    So for example an oil set to high loading of paint could be unloaded quickly during a stroke leaving a short thick but quickly fading/drying out stroke. This would leave a nice gob of paint AND a canvas texture effect. With stiffness it could leave thick short bristly strokes.

    Perhaps pressure of the stylus could optionally be set to control paint unloading rate.

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    I like it, similar to my suggestions on splitting the brush and paint attributes so they could be controlled independently. That would allow us to control the tactile responsiveness of the paint (how quickly it comes off the bristles, how stiff the paint is, whether it's self leveling, how it mixes with other colors and so on), and the controls of the bristles of the brush (length for stabilizing strokes, number of them for paint loading maximums and minimums, softness of the bristles and snap to determine how they how the paint and thus how it comes off. . . huge numbers of possible modifications). Hopefully they would have a simple control panel for easy use or sketches, and an advanced tab for professional work on a very high level of customization for the tools and paints.

    Also, we really should have an option to not autoreload the brush when lifting, I have to change my loading constantly between strokes to emulate how I use a brush in natural media.

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    Thank you!

    Thank you. I feel this great suggestion!

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