Hi there and thanks again!

I have Art Rage on my iPad, and QuickTime on my Mac.

I'm still not sure how to create art on the iPad, but film it on the Mac?
I was hoping to do it all on the iPad so I can make and record the artworks if I leave the house and computer.


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Hello Benjamin
So to clarify;
You have ArtRage on an iPad
You have a Macbook
You have AtRage4 on the Mac?

If all the above is true, what version of Quicktime do you have on the Macbook? You will need v10 to use the the screen capture feature. If memory serves, I think v10 of Quicktime came in with Appleís release of Lion or Mountain Lion OS.

If you have all the above in place then you should be good to go and not need any other additional software to make the capture as the screen recording will not be happening on the iPad but on the Mac.

Export the AR Script from the iPad. Open it in AR4 on the Macbook. Start the QT screen record. Start the script playback in AR4. Save the screen recording of the script playing in AR4. Send the file to your editor.