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Thread: believe it or not

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    believe it or not

    i tough it would be as usual a easy peasy to install the latest version of ARTRAGE but nothing was more wrong!!. windows seemed not be able to un install the old version of AR and gave me a error in that direction. after a few time trying i decided to do a manual un install with the un install tool from windows......;( no avail. So off to the "manual" un install and try again to install the new version but with the same error?;(
    A long story short it went so far i rolled back to earlier time but even that was not good enough ,even worse ,it wrecked the hole system and now i had to re install from scratch windows 7 and then go from there to 10;(
    I NEVER had such a hard time to re install windows and i'm royally pissed off!!!

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    I'm sorry to hear you had problems - in these situations, it's best to contact our support at [email protected] straight away so we can walk you through possible solutions. It sounds like your Windows installer system or registry had been corrupted or damaged somehow, so we couldn't fix it directly, but we can usually give advice on ways to solve it.

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