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Thread: A bit of pulp

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    A bit of pulp

    Well, I guess I should make my first post here a picture. I'm sorry to say that I can't draw for toffee (or at lease without a ruler and set square, which I've not touched for many, many years), so when I need to make an image, I cheat a bit. I've been using Poser for a number of years, though I've never been intersted in photorealism. While playing around with the idea of imitating the style of old pulpy mass market paperbacks, I thought I would give ArtRage a try and have been fairly pleased with the results. There are two combined renders that made this. The first is a brawl, which was rendered out as line art, and the second a simple figure in a dress. The later had a cutout filter applied and layered so as to block out some of the colours, then I took it into ArtRage as a tracing layer and turned it into paint. A background gradient was painted next and then the two layers were merged and attacked with the palette knife. Some detail and colour was added with a paintbrush here and there before being further blended with the knife. Then back into PSE8 for the brawl to be added, along with the text, and book damage.Click image for larger version. 

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    Very good but way Beyound Skill and Knowledge OK CIAO IVAYA CON DIOS SLAINTE.....................POZDRAWSKI

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    You got a fantastic, most interesting outcome and made centre on Your scope! It does give the idea of that kind of old books in full!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Love how it turned out. It does remind me of the old pulp novels...

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