ArtRage 4.5.10 just went live in the member area and on Steam, and we'll be updating Amazon shortly (though it may take a little while to go live).


  • Support for AES styluses on Windows that provide stylus ID information. This allows ArtRage to recognise different AES styluses and allocate tools to them via the Stylus Manager in the application.


  • Realtime Stylus: Fixed a potential slowdown that could occur after painting for some time using a Realtime Stylus input device.
  • Scripts: Fixed a crash that could occur when using a manually written script to trigger a file dialog.
  • Transform Shortcuts: Fixed a bug that prevented zoom shortcuts working during transform.
  • Blend Modes: Made some changes to saturation blend mode to match the approach taken by Photoshop.
  • Mac OS X: Fixed a problem that prevented the app properly leaving full screen mode if it had been entered via the + button on the window titlebar.

See the full update history here: