Greetings, ArtRage team.

I've always loved ArtRace for PC. It's lightweight, affordable, extremely capable, wonderfully fun to use, and the user community that comes with it is as helpful and talented as any. When I got a Galaxy Note Pro tablet a couple of years ago, my very first app purchase was ArtRage mobile, back when it was exclusively available on the Galaxy App store. Unfortunately, my first impressions of the app lead me to give up on using it shortly after. It was slow/laggy (and I'm not talking about "stroke gap"), imprecise with faster strokes (the brush does not follow the cursor's/pen's/finger's path, but instead approximates to it, and not very closely), and damn near half the features that made me a fan of the PC version were not implemented in the mobile version. At least, not the Android version, as far as I knew. "This is a new launch" I thought. "The app will get faster and more responsive in a few revisions." I had in fact bought one of the top devices at the time, so "Certainly, it can't be my hardware." With apps like Sketchbook Pro and ArtFlow available on the Play Store there was just no point to keep messing with the app, as it was. So I waited... waiting for revisions, until I lost interest.

Yesterday, by chance, when checking again to see if AR for Android had made any significant progress, I came to realize that script export had been implemented. I quickly ran a test, and voila! Voi effin la!! Finally, I can merge the wonderful experience of PC AR with the lackluster, though often convenient benefits of AR mobile.

Still, AR Mobile, as it is, is not a drawing app. With pencil and ink pen tools as unresponsive and laggy as they are in the current version (remember, I'm using a 12" tablet with a stylus), it would take Buddha like patience to get any serious sketching done. AR Mobile is, in fact, a painter's app and no more. I can live with that... I guess. Other than the three dimensional realism of paint blobs and oil brush strokes, the realism of the watercolor engine, and script export, Art rage offers very little to nothing that ArtFlow, Sketchbook Pro, LayerPaint, SeriousPaint, Artecture, Clover Paint, Infinite Painter, and so on don't. PaintRage may have been a more apt title.
I'll continue to experiment with AR Mobile. Maybe some day I'll get to a point of familiarity where all the problems I currently perceive will simply dissolve. If not, I'll still have AR PC to create my art with.

A few questions for the team:

1) Some time ago, a user on this forum inquired about the real color blending feature for the mobile app. The answer given by a Rage team member was essentially that the feature used up a lot of processing power, and so, was not implemented. That post was back in 2011. Has the processing power of our mobile devices gotten to where that feature can now be implemented? It's a drag not being able to naturally blend colors in a "natural media" app. I've tried to mix yellow and cyan and ended up getting white at some point. The unavailability of this feature leaves the mobile painting experience wanting.

I've noticed that there are a few intuitive touch shortcuts/gestures that are available for the iOS version that aren't available in the Android counterpart. For example, the "Tap and drag out from the closed Color Picker to get this pop up and quickly choose a new color" tip from doesn't seem to work on Android. Why not?

2b) The quick add color icon that is below the color picker on the iOS version doesn't exist on Android. Why not? The less interface taps, the better.

3) There is no support for stylus buttons on Android. Why not?

4) Three fingers up/down changes brush size and presents a floating brush size indicator, while three fingers left/right does nothing. It would be cool if this gesture could call up a preset indicator that shows scrolling presets for the current tool. Can this be implemented?

Thanks, again!