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    Just text or nothin'

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    Yesterday I sketched this in ArtRage on my old Galaxy Note 10". I wanted to share it to myself as a png-file by using Dropbox to use it in ArtRage on my desktop computer. In my Dropbox ArtRage folder was just a textfile (txt): "Created with ArtRage for Android." but no picture. So I tried to share it again by writing the whole file name "girl.png", not only "girl" as I did before. The picture ended up in Dropbox as an empy image file with the same file size as the txt-file; 33 kb. Next I used the jpg file format when I tried to share it. It happened the same, just an empty 33 kb jpg image file... Finally I shared it using my OneDrive and I this time used the native ptg file format. And there it was...a readable image file.

    Now the question is: is there something going wrong inside the ArtRage share function or in Dropbox...?

    (I know I could have used a script file to share, I have also tried doing so with good result... but this time I did not think of doing that...)
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