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Thread: Artrage crashing on Ipad Air 2

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    Artrage crashing on Ipad Air 2

    Artrage seems to be crashing an awful lot recently. I tried it with the save prompt off but it was just as bad. At the point that it crashes the colour picker appears even whilst i am using the oil brush. Makes me suspect its the picker that is causing the trouble although i am not using it at the time. The storage is sitting at 158 megabites. I wish i knew how to get into the storage to clear it but the only option it gives is to delete Artrage, which i am not about to do. 😠

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    Sorry to hear that you're having problems! Can you check a few things for me?

    1. Is the app up to date? (any pending updates? if yes, install them!)

    2. Do you have a lot of other apps open? Can you try closing all the background apps, and ArtRage, by double tapping the Home button and swiping them all offscreen, then restart the iPad?

    3. If you're still having trouble, are you working on a particularly complicated painting (e.g. with lots of layers, a lot of undo history, reference images)? How many files (approx.) do you have in the Gallery? If you start a new painting (via Menu > Create New Painting) do you still see crashes?

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    Hello HannahRage. Thanks for responding. There are no other apps open whilst i am using Artrage. The app is up to date as is the ipad. Yes, i suppose the image could be quite complicated with references and plenty of undo's. I am maybe simply overloading it and should not treat it like the desktop app.

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    That's very possible! But if you're seeing crashes with *different* paintings, then that means something else is probably going on. If you can test on a completely new painting, that might tell us something.

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    Sorry HannahRage, its been a little while since I've been here. I was just passing time last night doing a little painting. I had a tracing image up which i was following in the hope of understanding different techniques and colour and the Artrage app crashed on several occasions. I really feel that it is connected to the sampler even though I was not using it at the time, but when the app freezes it is the sampler that pops up. I have started to do a save every 5 minutes or so. Don't know if this information helps you, but I do hope that the fault can be rectified. Anyhow, it's not so bad when you remember to save often lol.

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    There was a bug in a previous version that could cause the sampler lens to get stuck on in some odd situations. We added some code to prevent this happening and most reports of it occurring have gone since the 2.1.4 update. However, if you're using 2.1.5 that makes 2 reports of it happening with the current version. I believe it's a timing issue that can be exacerbated by not having clean resources on the iPad (eg. lots of apps running in the background and no recent reboot) but we'll look in to it further. It is probably triggered by tap and hold colour sampling - If you use the colour sampler tool you can turn off tap and hold colour sampling in the preferences panel and this may help while we investigate. If you're not using 2.1.5 please make sure you have updated.

    Update: I forgot to add before: If this happens again, try tapping the Menu button on the toolbar then closing the menu to see if this fixes it. The freeze that was happening isn't a freeze as such, it's just the canvas not responding because it believes that there's already an operation going on. Opening and closing the menu may solve it if it happens (or at least allow you to save).

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