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Thread: How do I get detail in my paintings and drawings.

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    Red face How do I get detail in my paintings and drawings.

    I've found that when I try to do detailed work that the paint or the pencil or pen goes blobby or shows pixely squares. I just can't get a small enough point. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Should I use a bigger canvas (I usually choose the print option). I have set my pixels to 300 instead of 72 and when I am trying to get details I turn the brush I am using down to 1, to no avail. My computer has a radeon 7700 card and 6mg of ram so should be good enough to run Artrage. Help, it's driving me nuts!

    Update: Found the answer which is make the canvas bigger. Brilliant
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    Haha, yeah. Computers can be misleading because you can zoom in so much, but you still need to start with a large enough canvas for the work.

    (Oh, 300 vs 72 DPI/PPI doesn't actually matter - that's just an instruction to the printer to print the pixels at a certain ratio).

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    Thanks HannahRage. It's great being able to get more detail in. Takes me a while to figure things out... doh

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