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Thread: New to digital art, critiques please!

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    New to digital art, critiques please!

    Hello everybody, this is my first ever "painted" piece of art, I started drawing and decided I wanted to make a career out of art/graphic design about 6 months ago, so please go easy on me!

    Time to complete: 2 1/2 hours
    Click image for larger version. 

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    First of all, welcome in here!

    Your first work shows great energy and an original subject and view.
    Obviously a starting attempt is always subject to improvement and to further definition of a style, especially if You had never an opportunity to read about or follow art course and techniques.
    In this case brown and blue are a good contrast, but the various areas are to homogeneously colored and look pretty flat. Maybe You may start a new version from a copy and have fun mixing colors directly on the canvas, to mix colors creatively with the knife tool and create properly directed brushstrokes and textures to enrich it.
    Enjoy it!

    By the way, in the proper section You may also enjoy an old tutorial by Tinzo on how to paint sea waves!
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    I don't think Tinzo (Brian Tinsley) has a website any longer. Some of us believe he passed away and his family tightened up his assets for estate reasons including his digital paintings. (all speculation). I don't know what happened to that particular tutorial since it was not on ArtRage where I could find it. But I'm not an expert searcher either.

    Here's the painting though. He was super good. So these are just to see his stuff and maybe get inspired.

    Now I want to also add that there are many ways to paint the ocean waves, and this is merely what Tinzo did on this occasion. You will find tons of examples in places like Google Search - Images and many places they sell art on the internet. It's a popular subject.
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