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Thread: convert tracing

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    convert tracing

    I have been working with a tracing and decided to import a reference image. Before doing this I convert tracing to paint and found that i could not import the ref. image I was looking for. Am I doing something wrong here? The other thing is, where do I find AR image files. I would like to save just AR images to a file for future projects then import to work on. PS. thanks Markw for bamboo info, will give it a try

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    Converting the tracing image and importing a reference are different things, so if you couldn't find the reference, that just means you couldn't find the file (or, yes, that you're doing something wrong, but I'd need to know exactly what steps you were taking to tell you what).

    ArtRage paintings are saved by default to Documents > ArtRage Paintings, but you can change this location when you save. If you can't find them, just search your computer for '.ptg' files ;D

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