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Thread: Cant decide

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    Cant decide

    so been gone for awhile, sorry for that. Now on to the pressing matter have this piece i have been working on for about month or so hope you guys like it advice appreciated as always and also let me know which version you guys like the most
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    just adding last one
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    Personally I find the first, basic one the best and most consistant solution, considering the '30ies-'40ies placard or artistic style.
    The last one too is OK to me, but slightly less so perhaps.
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    I agree, first one.

    The painting is excellent.

    I have only one suggestion which is not a reflection on your technique as an artist but a consequence of ArtRage's less than perfect blending engine. NOTE: With the advent of the custom brush in AR5, blending with paint, and with depth (AR6) has improved markedly.
    This statement is outdated.


    Port the painting to another program and reduce saturation (using an airbrush in a saturation replacement mode) where ArtRage introduced "over saturation" defects where you blended dark and light values of the skin, like on the shoulder and wrist/back of forearm. Although skin has variations in saturation, those clearly were introduced during blending and are not your fault.
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    Very very good painting I like the last
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    Thanks Guys

    Thank you guys so m,uch for all of the support I actually Print the one with the solid grey background in the end because felt as though it let the lady really stand alone since there was no distractions to be had with a busy background so glad amazing artist like you guys like my artwork thank you guys for the advice.

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    Great painting, my favorite is the last but the first is also suits the background, very good work

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    Incredible! I like the third from the top. The first really pops, but I think the third one is a very complementary background.

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