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Thread: Color Profiles for Art Rage

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    Color Profiles for Art Rage

    I am using Artrage 4.5 on my Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablet.

    I draw something in Artrage on my tablet, then export it and bring it over to my desktop PC where I open it in Photoshop CC to do some final cropping/editing. However when I open it in Photoshop CC, the colors get messed up. The colors are also off in the default Windows photo viewer. However they look correct in MS Paint and in browsers on my desktop.

    I understand Artrage does not embed any color profile in the files. How do I bring it into photoshop for editing without the colors getting messed up? I also want to assign a color profile to avoid issues like this. It seems like a huge oversight to have an art program not assign a color profile...

    Note my monitors are calibrated with a colorimeter device. And, the images DO look correct on my desktop when opened in a browser or MS paint. (So the issue is not my desktop's monitor calibration).

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    Because we're not doing any particular colour management ArtRage is technically using Screen RGB for the device that you painted the image on. It's odd that you're seeing the correct colours in some apps on your desktop, but not others - That suggests that the apps you're seeing the shift in are doing post-adjustment of flat RGB values, which makes sense given that Photoshop will manage the file and it sounds like Windows Photo Viewer does too.

    You should be able to tell Photoshop not to apply colour management to any given file, that should remove any post-adjustment it does to the RGB values when they come in. Because we're sending flat RGB just applying standard screen RGB as the profile for the image should also correct the issue you're seeing in Photoshop.

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