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Thread: Ptg/ jpeg ?

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    Ptg/ jpeg ?

    I understand Ar saves an image as PTG,so if I try to import say jpeg or any other will AR convert the image or do I ? If I have to convert the image then how and where is it done,or, is this not a valid question and not to be of any concern. I know PTG stores a lot of information,more then other files will. That being said, exporting should be my next question. Do I need to convert the ptg so that it can be seen in mail,or by my printer or by a professional printer?

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    You do not need to convert .jpg etc. when importing to AR. When exporting it will be in .png form unless you choose another type. When saving choose from save as type.

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    Hello DJM,
    To expand a little more on this, think of AR’s .ptg files just as a container. You add content into them as you paint of course, and you can also add content by importing other image files like .jpeg, .png, .tiff files etc… into the painting, for use as reference or tracing images, etc…

    As already noted by June, to get an image out of your finished painting that can easily be seen and shared with others, go to; File > Export Image File…
    In the export window you can re-name the picture if you wish, choose the destination on your hard drive for the export and the image format/type, i.e. .jpeg, .png, etc…
    Note; if you are exporting as .jpeg the quality of the image is affected by the amount of “compression” applied to it (removal of image information to make the resulting file size in Mb or Kb smaller). This compression level needs to be set first in ArtRage’s preferences before starting the export process.
    In AR’s preferences go to; Advanced > JPEG Quality and set the slider to what you want.
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    Thanks all, for your AR wisdom,as was said in other forum Q&A's this a great place for answers and as I read your reply's I normally check out the view images in each answer to my questions. There is a lot of great work being done on AR and I can hardly wait to be a part of this group and submit my work. Maybe one day,once I learn how to both paint in AR and then load to view image.

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