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Thread: Unstable bottom painting on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

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    Question Unstable bottom painting on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

    Hello! I use my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (Wi-Fi only model) for ArtRage for Android. I am also using a stylus as my frequently dry fingers don't often register on my touchscreens. Though I am able to work ArtRage for Android well, I have noticed that whenever my stylus is painting (watercolors) at the bottom edge of the screen, the paint flow has many interruptions.

    At first, I thought it was a hardware device fault, and so I went to Device Setting -> Developer options. Under Input, I enabled "Show touches" and/or "Show pointer location". The device shows the pointer locations, when moving, as stable (not interrupted as in ArtRage).

    To replicate the "bug" in ArtRage for Android, I select a watercolor with any color any thickness. I start painting from the left edge of the screen/canvas, above the tool selector, move down to the left corner (normal: the tool selector vanishes), and then, slowly move right along the bottom edge. The "flow" gets interrupted and "circle spots" appear in the center of the bottom edge, and then, the "flow" continues as the stylus moves to the bottom right corner, where the color selector is. After lifting up my stylus, I then press the "undo" button and notice that multiple undo presses has to be done, to show that I had lifted up my stylus while painting.

    This "bug" only shows up at the bottom of the screen in Portrait mode, and is consistent; it shows between ArtRage for Android version updates between March 10 and now. I have not testing ArtRage for Android in Landscape mode.

    To compensate for that "bug", I just paint over that area, repeatedly, and then use the "scraper" to blend in the affected areas.

    Due to my change of PC operating systems, from Debian Linux to Windows 7, I no longer have a running Android debugger option (it was in Linux!). So, I cannot debug ArtRage for Android while drawing on the bottom edge of the screen.

    Is this a "bug" are a "limitation" as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 does NOT use the S-Pen?
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    Can you upload a screenshot? I can't get anything like that to happen here, but it sounds like the device is losing connection to your stylus (or your stylus point is wandering off the edge of the canvas)

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