Hello World!

Starting off, I do not know how to use Adobe Photoshop, however, I am experienced in using GIMP.
In May 2015, I got ArtRage 4.5 for Windows.
In March 2016, I bought ArtRage for Android (for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3) and Clip Studio Paint Pro.

I am still a complete newbie (new user) at creating digital art, or art in general.

I have been noticing Clip Studio Paint Pro (formerly Manga Studio) has lots of stuff (a.k.a. features) that exist in ArtRage 4.

ArtRage compares itself to Adobe Photoshop. Clip Studio Paint compares itself to Adobe Photoshop.

Is there redundancy between ArtRage and Clip Studio Paint since both are compared to Adobe Photoshop?