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Thread: ArtRage 4 error -- lost menubar

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    ArtRage 4 error -- lost menubar


    I would like to report an error -- the cause of it, what the error itself is and its associated message, and the temporary solution I have found (for I have recreated it at least three times in a row now).
    I seem to have pinned one of its possible sources down to what was in the file's name -- the symbol >.
    I've attempted a few other special characters -- <, +, and ∞ -- but those haven't been able to produce the desired effect.

    I have the latest version of both ArtRage and Mac.

    Details of the error below --

    First, the error:
    Opening ArtRage produces an error message; after hitting "okay" (the only button available) the program will start up like usual, however all contents of the menubar will be gone -- file, edit, tools, and help; only the tab titled ArtRage 4 will remain, under which can be found About and Preferences.

    Second, the message:

    An error occurred on attempting to create an object.
    ArtRage could not create the requested menu, you may need to restart the application.
    Third, the temporary solution:
    Open the program and go into preferences; hit the small box in the corner and go to Reset Preferences to Default, yes hit Reset, then close and reopen the application.

    Deleting (or perhaps just simply moving it to the trash without emptying it) or renaming the offending file may also do the trick.

    Lastly, the sequence of events / how I have been able to reproduce the error:
    Open a .PTG file with the > character in its name.
    Duplicate a group (the number of layers in the group have been 2 each time I've recreated it), merge the group copy, then attempt to rename the layer, soon after which the error message will show up (the layer renaming box will show up, but right before you can rename it the error message pops up in front of it), though the program does not crash (although the very first time this happened to me it did), and before closing the program nothing yet will look out of the ordinary

    Opening the program afterwards, all contents (except the tab titled ArtRage 4, under which the About and Preferences can be found) of the menubar will be gone; nothing else seems to be particularly amiss.
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    Thanks for letting us know. The > character is used in internal markup to denote sub menu items in the menu bar. I suspect that if a file with > in its name appears in the recent file list this is causing the problem, which is why resetting preferences fixes it.

    We'll add this to our list of items to fix!

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