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Thread: How to stop paint from making the above paint darker when painting behind?

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    How to stop paint from making the above paint darker when painting behind?

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    The blue is what I need behind it. I can just erase the dark part on the blues layer but is there another way? Because this can take long and also cause me to have to go back and color over again.

    The blue is the sky and the other color is sand I am trying to just paint the rest of the sky so I don't have a white spot there. I know about blend modes like add but it doesn't work with this. This case I need it behind without making the above color layer dark when they blend. (the two colors are in different layers)

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    The issue here is that your sand is a bit see through, so whatever you paint behind it will show through. The easiest way to fix this is to paint some white behind it instead to block out the colour from the layers beneath. The quickest way to do that is to just add a layer over the blue sea and use a brush to add some flat white paint.

    If that's too fiddly and annoying, try this:

    1. Hide the blue layer, as it will get in the way
    2. Pick the Selection tool, and then choose the Magic Wand mode in the Settings

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    3. Click the empty area *outside* of your sand, where you want the sea to go.

    You can then:

    A: Paint a new sky inside that selection.
    B: Invert that selection, so you can erase all the bits of sky that went outside it without touching the area inside the selection (good for quick cleanup)
    C: Invert that selection, create a new layer, and just use the Fill tool to fill it with white/a background colour you like. This will then mask/hide the sky underneath.

    There are a couple of other ways to do this as well, but those options should help get you started.

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    So here it would be handy to be able to paint into selections without the alpha.


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