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Thread: blank canvas instead of textured

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    Question blank canvas instead of textured

    Hi, how can I easily make it so my file is completely blank like in photoshop or so where there is no fake paper textures?

    I think I figured it out, but I don't know if it is really working or maybe there is a better way?

    I like how artrage fakes real media and all, but mainly, what I have to do now is sketch > ink > color > shade ... clean cartoony images.

    I also have clip studio paint pro (manga studio 5) and I try and use both artrage and clip studio everyday and there are things I like about both, but clip studio paint pro is perfect for what I need to do clean graphics.

    anyways, I still enjoy using artrage and I can almost get it to work as well as clip studio except for a few really bothersome things like not being able to shrink/expand selections, and no vector lines and well I WANT a blank canvas sometimes, and a few other things. (I like artrage's canvas rotation better and the ability to remember completely different stylus pens!)

    So, what I was doing before is: I made a blank gray file in photoshop and used that as a canvas texture (it is completely gray) and slid the Roughness down to 0 and turned off Canvas Lighting. but I still don't think it is completely a blank background like in other art programs.

    So then I export as a .psd and delete the paper layer in another program in either PS/CSP and then make a bottom background layer filled with just white and then import it back into artrage. Is this the correct way to get a truly blank background without the fake texture/teeth?

    Is there a better/easier way?

    tl;dr: How can I get a blank background layer like in PS/Gimp/CSP/PSP/(most other art programs) without the textured paper that artrage usually has?


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    Hello noobcake and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    In the Canvas Settings panel set Grain to 50%, Roughness to 0% and change Canvas colour Luminance to 100%. This will get you a smooth pure white canvas.
    One other thing to bear in mind is that individual layers in AR can have their own canvas texture so make sure they are set to; ‘Use Canvas Texture’. To do this Right click on a Layer thumbnail in the Layer stack and choose ‘Edit Layer Texture’.
    I would also note here that if you use any Sticker Spray brushes, they never interact with the canvas so that tool might be worth considering for some tasks.

    The judgment call though will be Canvas Lighting, On or Off?
    On and you can see the strokes and texture of thick media like the Oil Brush but your canvas will not be an even white. AR’s lighting illuminates from top left to bottom right*, so the one corner will be brighter than the other. I’m not sure why it uses this falloff model for lighting but that’s the way it is.
    With the Lighting Off you get no light falloff on the canvas but thick media like Oil paint will loose it’s texture and brush strokes.

    A way around this is to use the Layer Export option to export just the paint info of a given layer while the lighting is On and then turn the light Off. Next import that layer back in using the ‘Import Image File To Layer… ‘ option and delete the original layer.

    *If you want to see a sort of “Map” of the canvas lighting set a smooth canvas as above but leave the light ON and push the Canvas Metallic slider to 100%.
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    Hello noobcake...You mentioned this in your post..."except for a few really bothersome things like not being able to shrink/expand selections". Selections can easily be made larger or smaller or rotated and repositioned using the transform tool.

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