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Thread: Jpeg size on export

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    Jpeg size on export

    I've noticed this in the past, but never as dramatically as in a recent project - how large the jpegs are when exported from art rage, as opposed to saving a jpeg in photoshop.

    The other day, I worked on a large file 135megs - (300 dpi, over 30 layers) in Artrage, (back and forth to photoshop) When I exported it as a jpeg it is over 13 megabytes. I didn't think, I just sent them to my client. When she opened them up in photoshop, did a little color adjusting, and resaved as a jpeg (no compression) they came out under 3 megabytes. This alarmed her, that somehow she had changed the size or the resolution.

    In the future, I guess I'll open the jpegs in photoshop but I was just curious why the difference. Isn't a jpeg a jpeg, or is there a difference in how art rage and photoshop makes jpegs.


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    There are a couple of different basic JPEG formats and Photoshop supports more than ArtRage, so it's possible that when it was re-saved another format was used that compressed the data differently (there had to be compression, a 13Mb JPEG doesn't become a 3Mb JPEG without either reducing its size or compressing it).

    However - JPEG isn't a lossless format and you should never edit and re-save one because each time you save you lose quality. In this case, it sounds like the client saved a low quality JPEG which would have wiped a bunch of data. When you can't use PSD, use PNG when exporting for edits because it's a true lossless format and if a client re-saves as PNG you won't have any reduction in quality.

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    A bit more info:

    You can adjust the quality settings for JPEGs in ArtRage and Photoshop, and programs/users often use a lower quality default in order to keep the file size down.

    In ArtRage, this is under Edit > ArtRage Preferences > Advanced Preferences.

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    Jpegs and compression

    Hi Hannah,
    And thanks for the info. I need to investigate a little further the options for jpegs in Artrage. I'm a graphic designer, normally working in Adobe CC, and I would never consider a jpeg to be my final output. HOWEVER, this is a pretty different situation. This client is sending files for licensing on products, but since her computer skills are lacking, she has hired me to help with that part of it. So we are taking her traditional painting and digitizing it and making what changes would be much simpler if she would just paint in Artrage in the first place. I've been doing most of the work in photoshop, but when I had to recreate the artists painting style, I decided to try art rage, since I like to paint there better than photoshop.
    Normally, we are putting together jpegs for the company to consider for purchase. This time, they purchased, and asked for a 300 or 600 dpi jpeg at 9" x 15". It was just too big to manage at 600 dpi, so I sent 300 dpi. I didn't expect my client (the artist) to open it in photoshop and color correct. So then I get an email, why are your files so big and mine are small? I still think she is compressing and doesn't even realize she is doing it. I need to drive over there and watch her save and see what she is actually doing.
    Thank you for the tip on pngs. I find most people are not as knowledgable about those, but I will educate her on those if they will help. Since I don't work with the companies buying these products directly, it's hard for me to be sure if they can accept a png.

    This process of working with this designer has been a lot of trial and error. I don't know much about the licensing business, and she has been very resistant to digital art, but she realizes it is a reality. We enjoy working together, but I'm still trying to figure out how to do things efficiently.

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